discussion 6 45

PG Industries’ Manufacturing VP Laine Finnegan was so impressed with your work on last week’s internal audit that she’s asked you to come in to talk to her department about the results. One of your recommendations included incorporating teams into the department to address certain tasks, including designing a new training program. When you go speak to the department, you want to describe to them some of the benefits of working in teams, both to them as individual employees and to the organization as a whole, to help them understand why this is a good option for everyone.

Using the material from Chapter 12 of the text, address the following questions in your response:

  • Describe at least two benefits of teams to an organization and to an individual employee.
  • How could Finnegan employ teams to help the department meet the goal of designing a training program?
  • What kind of team would be most appropriate to accomplish this goal? Be sure to support your choice with at least two specific reasons.
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