Visit theROI Institutewebsite.Next, discuss briefly what is meant by “Level 5” training evaluation.Identify the process proposed by Jack Phillips for determining return on investment (ROI).Identify the various type of costs to be considered when measuring ROI for training activities.see below a classmate’s DISCUSSION. I need you to RESPOND substantially to the classmate’s response below.CLASSMATES’S DISCUSSION YOU WILL BE RESPONDING TO.Hello Everyone,A Level 5 training evaluation is considered to be the reinforcement scorecard that provides an overview of the evaluation levels 1 to 4 from the reinforcement course. It also assist organizations in determining the value of a training program. Utilizing a level 5 training evaluation ensures that the training will result in a increase in profits or efficiency. ROI Level 5 calculations are determined by the organization.According to Jack Phillips’ ROI model focuses on data collection, isolating the impact of training versus the impact of others, accounting for intangible benefits, and calculating the return on investments. Phillips’ model calls for business data to be gathered before, during and after the training. The quantifiable factors that are included in the calculating are process improvements, productivity improvements, increased profits.The various types of costs that is considered when measuring ROI for training activities are training development costs, implementation costs, and time costs. The training development cost is where the organization pays a third-party vendor or company to develop a training program for their organization. The implementation costs comes in when the organization may need assistance in running the resource or updates that may be needed in the training program. Time costs includes the training cost for all staff members.Reference:Deller, Jonathan (2019). The Complete Phillips ROI Model Tutorial for Beginners. Retrieved from:https://kodosurvey.com/blog/complete-phillips-roi-model-tutorial-beginners.

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