discussion 3.1

As the human resource manager for an organization, you oversee the recruitment and selection process.  You have been talking with a fellow believer, Shawna, who is desperately in need of work; she is a single mother struggling to make ends meet.  Your organization has an available position that it is attempting to fill, but Shawna’s resume does not have the requisite experience required. As the human resource manager, you have the ability to modify the job description so that it aligns with her experience.  By doing so, the description will no longer match up perfectly with what your organization is searching for, though.In this situation, what would you do and why? What would you say to Shawna, knowing that she desperately needs a job?Based on what you’ve learned in this course, what advice would you give Shawna for making herself more marketable to recruiters and human resource managers?

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