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“Employee Welfare”Brad is an air traffic controller who has had significant problems with high blood pressure. He has changed his diet, takes medication, but the problem persists. His doctor has recommended that he find other employment because his job is causing his high blood pressure and continuing to work at the job could lead to a massive heart attack. Brad has no training for any other job. Based on this scenario, determine what Brad’s options are to receive compensation for his health issues. Next, debate whether or not you believe that Brad qualifies for workers’ compensation due to his health issues, and analyze the key legal and ethical issues faced by Brad’s employer throughout this process

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Based on this scenario, Brad’s option is to apply for workers compensation through his employer. Brads’ health related issue is a job-related injury that will be covered under workers’ compensation. Brad qualifies for workers compensation for his condition. The origin of the condition and the job relationship will be evaluated. Brad has a history of doctors visits in which the doctor advised and warned him about continuing to work. Jennings says that workers’ compensation issues have become more complex, and many of the hearings involve the issue of determining whether a disability originated on the job or would have existed independently of the job (p.696).

Throughout the workers compensation process Brads employer will face the ethical issue of potential fraud from Brad. Fraud is a huge factor to businesses, that trust is violated between employer and employee. Issues leading and or causing the disability needs to be corrected. Legally, Brads’ employer will need to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act for accommodations and or rehire if needed.

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