Objective:This discussion post is intended for you to synthesize this week’s readings and apply them to a real-world work setting in which challenges/issues are addressed using meaningful and impactful strategies despite political bias/influence that may be present.InstructionsIdentify and discuss a challenge/issue that needs to be or has been addressed in your workplace that is/was politically based.What was/is the challenge/issue to be addressed?Why does/did this challenge/issue need to be addressed?What political forces within the organizational structure influence(d) decisions made regarding this issue?What political stakeholder groups influence(d) decisions made regarding this issue?What transformative strategies are/were used to successfully implement changes related to this issue, despite the politics?What are/were the overall reactions and results of the change?Organizational Structure1. Use appropriate APA Headers to categorize each section of your first responsive post; examples follow.[Section 1 Example w/Level 1 Header] Transforming Learning Within Political Forces[Section 2 Example w/Level 2 Header] Political Forces and Stakeholder Groups[Section 3  Example w/Level 2 Header] Political Issue Within the Organization[Section 4 Example w/Level 2 Header] Strategies Implemented Despite Political Forces

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