discussion 1836

1. Perceptions of Health Care

In your post of at least 150-175 words, discuss:

How might a minority person’s own perceptions of health care (i.e., care available and care given or their personal experience with care) impact their health status? Give some examples to illustrate your points. You might find it helpful to do a literature search to find information to support your answer.

2. Risk Factors for Poor Health Status

Identify at least one other risk factor besides race/ethnicity, SES, and health insurance coverage, associated with poor health or adverse health outcomes. Do a library search and find and read a recent (3-5 years) peer-reviewed journal article (do NOT use a web page or entry on a website such as Healthy People – you will not receive credit if you do not use a professional journal article). Do not use an article already chosen by another student.

Post a summary of the article (5-6 sentences) as well as a brief description of what you learned or your critical reflections of the article. Provide the full citation and links (or the PDF) for the article so that others may access it.

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