discussion 1788

  • In this discussion, you need to think about the role narratives play in your current or future job. Think about a time where you needed (or will need) to describe a sequence of events or tell a story in order to explain how something happened. Police officers have to use narrative all the time, but most of us do encounter narrative in our workplace, whether we are teachers relating an event to a student or a nurse explaining home care to a patient. This discussion asks you to consider the need for good narrative skills in your job.

    Respond to the following:

• What is your profession or future profession?

• What are some events or stories you might have to relate?

• How can good narrative skills help you in these situations?

Post your primary response (150–200 words). Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.

Respond to the following discussion

1. Class,

I serve as an “advisor” on analytical processes, procedures and writing in my field. I supervise and direct analytical based planning, synchronization, and dissemination of timely, relevant, accurate, predictive multi-disciplined information. Some factors of my analysis scope include the basic understanding of terrain, civil considerations, as well as threat capabilities, intentions, and vulnerabilities to enable operational flexibility, exercise mission command, and mitigate risk. While I do tend to write narratives that would not be considered “traditional” written narratives. The focus of these narratives, guided by doctrine, require the use of active voice, terse sentences, and matter of fact data. All narratives will not surpass two pages. Most of these narratives include a bottom line up front (BLUF) followed by the 5 W’s of who, what, where, when, and why. Superiors in my organization have little time to sit down and digest a long drawn out narrative. Therefore, through application of good narrative skills I will be able to apply direct communication and relevant information to my superiors in a rapid manner.

2. Living hero that’s what they used to call us. Being a soldier is a selfless work, because of the sacrifices and effort you put into. My chosen field of work had done a lot of contribution in my life. Which It includes personal integrity, discipline, and courage. Those are the core strength that I think I had acquired in the years of my service. I grew up in a military family and ever since then I look up my grand father and my dad in all the sacrifices and contribution they had made in the country. They had passed some good traits and mold me to strengthen my ethics and morality in life. Per them I need value my co-worker for they are my family whenever I’m away from home. They also impart the word “respect” for I will be in a field where all are unique individuals. And lastly, they always told me that I need to be optimistic in all aspect of my life. There will be a lot, Of life trials in my journey. I have to stand firm with full of humility in all the things that I will do. I would like to continue with my career wherein I could render public service in the country. I would probably pursue diplomatic core if given a chance, or I would probably work in Department of defense (DOF).Because in my personal experience in my work, studying international imputes is what I am interested in or studying International relation regarding urban development planning of other nation. I think I would probably good with these careers in the future.

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