Discuss the various forms of unfair competition

just answer the questions:

  1. Discuss the various forms of unfair competition..
  2. Discuss the various types of “contract laws” in the United States. CCIC
  3. Briefly discuss the various types of contracts under common law/restatement. VVEUIFIIBUP
  4. What is the definition of contract law? Discuss the key concepts of contract law.
  5. What is sexual harassment? What is the difference between quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment?
  6. What is “meeting of the minds”? What factors might negate the “meeting of the mind”? FDCUMM.
  7. What is “discharge and breach”? What factors might discharge one’s obligation under common law contracts? PAIL
  8. What is proof of a contract? Discuss the various issues regarding proof of a contract.
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