discuss the different types of sources i e general primary and secondary what are the differences among these sources why is it important that researchers utilize primary sources when conducting a thorough review of the literature 1

Paper must be at least 500 words, paper must include a summary and detailed explanation

during research, Primary sources are dimmed as the first-hand accounts of a topic or research which gives the first hand information about something in question while secondary sources are other different accounts of a research which are developed from the primary sources. similarly, general sources are now both primary and secondary sources which are used to provide information and reference about a research work.

examples of primary sources

1.Original documents such as diaries and speeches,

2.records and eyewitness accounts

3.Creative works such as poetry, music, and photography.

examples of secondary sources


2.scholarly books and articles


it is very important for the researchers to utilize the primary sources for a study because they contain the original accounts of an event. this includes the original footage and fist hand information which has not been manipulated at all.

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