Develop and write a personal mission statement including the text listed below in red instructions

OVERVIEW: Develop and write a personal mission statement including the text listed below in red instructions.


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Develop and write your own personal mission statement. Be clear about your passion, values, goals, and philosophies. Once you have your mission statement articulated, explain how it:

  • Expresses your image of yourself. Strong, A Leader vs. a Manager, Someone who believes in his team and elevating everyone in addition to himself
  • Expresses your values and philosophies. I believe in creating a dynamic paradigm of old fashioned values such as loyalty and dedication, and more modern virtues like ingenuity, imagination and communication.
  • Identifies what you have to offer. Highly skilled professional, adept at leading and working within a team, exercising a high degree of judgment, and decision making vital to ensure alignment of the mission and achievement of the organizational objectives. I excel at interpersonal communications, problem solving, and conflict management skills.

Explain how your mission statement answers the following questions:

  • What are your economic goals?
  • What is your philosophy in terms of quality and image?
  • What are your core competencies and competitive advantages?
  • What “customers” do you serve best?
  • How do you view your responsibilities to those who rely on you?

Format this assessment as a research paper, following current APA guidelines for both style and citing sources, making sure that you also use correct grammar and mechanics. There is no required minimum or maximum page length; however, you should strive to be as detailed as possible in addressing each bullet point while also being as clear and concise as possible.

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