design website by using brackets 1

I have to design web site in Brackets the website should include :-

1. Home page: Choose a title to introduce your site. Create a visual ID that incorporates your name. Include a tagline and/or introductory text.2. About page:3. Project page: 4. Contact page: ALL the text i already wrote it in the word file in the attachment.

This should include body background colors, p tags, h1 tags, img and links, Set up each of your pages with semantics tags (header, nav, main, footer). Add styles for each semantic tag in your portfolio.css file.Add in an aside tag on at least one page. Add background images to your semantic tags such as main, nav, aside in order to create texture and depth. Photo backgrounds may also work but should not compete with your text content. add Sliding gallery with divs and css positioning.

all the photos and the logo and the text in the attchment file , the backround photo named backround, the logo named logo.

i will attach an example i did but its incomplet you can fix that or you can start new one and do the requairments.

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