descriptive statistics inferential statistics and measures of association

The assignment must be at least 2 pages and include:

Page 1:

1. a description of the descriptive statistics that might work well for the Evaluation Design in your Final Project (see attached final project). 

2. Explain how these statistics could be used, and justify why they are appropriate. 


Page 2:

Review the course text, paying particular attention to the selection and use of inferential statistics and measures of association. Review the four criteria for selecting the best measure, keeping in mind the purpose for which you might use measures of association. Finally, think about which inferential statistics and measures of association you might use in your Final Evaluation Design (Final Project) to answer your research question. Use the four criteria to help you make a selection.FILLER TEXT

1. Write a description of the inferential statistics and measures of association that would be most appropriate for your evaluation and answer your research question. 

2. Explain how you would use them, and justify why these statistics and measures are most appropriate for your Final Evaluation Design (Final Project). 



Resources for Page 1:

Johnson,      G. (2014). Research methods for public administrators (3rd ed.).      Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe. 

Chapter       12, “Data Analysis for Description” (pp. 171–185)

Taber,      D. R., Chriqui, J. F., Powell, L., & Chaloupka, F. J. (2013). Association between state laws governing school meal nutrition      content and student weight status: Implications for new USDA school meal      standards. JAMA Pediatrics, 167(6),      513–519.FILLER TEXT      Reprinted by permission of American Medical Association via the Copyright      Clearance Center. 

Carnochan,      S., Samples, M., Myers, M., & Austin, M. J. (2013). Performance measurement challenges in nonprofit human service      organizations. Nonprofit and Voluntary      Sector Quarterly

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Laureate      Education (Producer). (2013a). Central tendency and variability      [Multimedia file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.FILLER TEXT      “Central tendency and variability” Transcript (PDF)

Resources for Page 2:

Johnson, G. (2014). Research methods for public administrators (3rd ed.). Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe. 

Chapter      14, “Data Analysis: Exploring Relationships” (pp. 198–215)

Chapter      16, “Data Analysis Using Inferential Statistics” (pp. 230–243)

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