describe the effect of bias on the interpretation of historical events zinn v schweukart s

History is colored by people’s perspectives. In this learning block, you will analyze personal assumptions, beliefs, or values that could influence the historical research of a topic and introduce bias into the project’s results. Personal assumptions, beliefs, and values can inject bias into historical writing and may influence the conclusions. This may be intentional or not.


Prompt: After reviewing Zinn’s and Schweikart’s personal assumptions, beliefs, and values through excerpts from their historical writing, respond to the following questions:

What do you believe to be the major distinctions between the two’s personal assumptions, beliefs, and values? 

What do you believe to be the major distinctions in their interpretations of history? ï‚·

Do you notice any biases? If so, what are they?


Focus of Response:Provides focused and direct reflection to answer questions posed

Length of Response: Answers provided are two to three sentences in length

Communicates Clearly: Clearly communicates key ideas and thoughts in a short answer response

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