deadbeat dads fathers who don t or won t pay child support that they are legally obligated to pay should be put in jail

Hello everyone. It is currently 1:37 AM in my time zone. The tutor who was previously writing this paper missed my midnight deadline, and sent me an essay that was the opposite of what my prompt wanted me to argue. So here I am requesting another tutor to complete the assignment for me which I will then have to beg my professor to accept. Please understand that I am on a time crunch. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

The instructions are simple:

The essay has to be between 550-650 words. Minimum 5 paragraphs. Written in clear and concise sentences. Defend the topic mentioned (Argue why deadbeat dads SHOULD be put in jail) and have at least one counterargument.The essay must have quotes from reputable articles. Single spaced but MLA format otherwise in regards to citations. Keep in mind this is a Philosophy 5 English class and these type of papers are short and to the point so don’t make the intro or conclusion too long. Below I will attach an essay I’ve written for this class and gotten an A on so please read it first to get a feel for what this professor likes. Thank you! 🙂

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