Overview:Just like children in a learning program, educators have a personal routine and schedule.Think about your daily routine by reflecting on these questions:What do you do each day, and when do you do it?Which aspects of our schedule and routine are driven by you? Which aspects are driven by others (example: a job, family obligations, etc.)?How do you feel throughout your schedule? For example, when are you most at ease? Most rushed?Instructions:In your initial post:Describe one aspect of your daily routine and share how this aspect makes you feel and why.For example, you might describe your morning routine and share how this routine/schedule makes you feel.Next, share a schedule or routine that could have a similar emotional impact on children.For example, if your schedule’s described aspect makes you feel rushed, describe a routine/schedule within the learning program that a child might experience that makes them feel rushed.In your reply post:Reflect on the connection between the emotion and the routine.Identify one aspect of your peer’s routine and the child’s routine that you think might be triggering this emotion and how.Offer one possible suggestion to enhance or modify the routine.

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