cyber conflicts and warfare

Task 1: With the increase in chatter and the increase in documented attacks, you now need to investigate the NORSE attack map in live time in order to analyze the potential for attacks on the grid. (this link should help you with task)

Analyze the attack pattern on the map over a period of a week. Write a report (2 – 4 pages) that includes:

      • Location of current threats and note the time you are viewing the map.
      • What countries are most involved? What country has the greatest number of attacks?
      • Are there any unusual targets or origins?
      • What type of attacks are occurring?
      • Come back daily over the course of a week to analyze the pattern.
      • Based on what information you have so far about the risk of attack on the Texas power grid, what countries or organizations appear to be an increased threat? Explain why you think this. Use information you have researched on countries and organizations to
      • support your answer.


Exceeds Competency

90 – 100


Grammar, spelling, sentence structure; Cite sources in APA format from reputable reference materials


All work is in APA format with appropriately cited sources; no grammar or spelling errors.Uses complete sentences, well formed paragraphs, and graduate level word usage and complex sentence structure.

Analysis of Attack Pattern – Location


Notes the date and time the map was initially viewed and the location of threats at the time.Includes a discussion of activity based on the time viewed.

Analysis of Attack Pattern – Countries Involved


Thoroughly analyzes the countries that are most involved in the attacks and the countries that are the recipient of most of the attacks.Provides clear explanations for what is occurring and what it might mean.

Analysis of Attack Pattern – Unusual targets or origins


Identifies and analyzes whether any of the initial targets or origins are unusual. Provides an explanation for why this may be.Provides additional support for this analysis from well-documented reliable sources.

Analysis of Attack Pattern – Week Pattern


Provides a clear analysis of a week’s worth of data of the attack map. This will again follow the countries involved, unusual targets or origins, and countries most involved. Provides this data in a well organized graphic or table that is easily readable. Supports the data with outside reliable sources.

Report of Increased Threat


Completes a clear, logical, and well supported report of the analysis of the risk to the Texas power grid based on information gathered over the week.Clearly indicates where threats may originate, countries involved, and any possible organizations involved.Provides well documented sources for the belief of an increased threat including country information.

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