Cross Cultural Management d7

Select a religion (other than your own) and research the following: 1) A brief history of the religion, 2) The religion’s major beliefs and practices that could impact the workplace such as holy days, dress, diet, and attitudes about women, racial minorities and gays, etc., and 3) Specific past or current workplace issues that have been raised with respect to this religion and/or its practices. A list of some of the major world religions, along with basic information about the religions, can be found here.Read Case Study 15.4: Helen, Travel Agent (Carr-Ruffino, p. 627). This case challenges you to decide if discrimination is taking place based on weight or appearance. Step 1: Identify surface problems: What problems do I see (listed in case or observed in actual situations)? Step 2: Ask Why-Why to get root problem: Why are these problems occurring? What is going on beneath the surface or in the background that is causing them? Do I need to again ask Why these underlying reasons are occurring (why-why)? Step 3: Generate Solutions: What are some possible solutions to these problems? Step 4: Take action or make recommendations: as a manager or consultant, what should I recommend as the best viewpoints and actions to take?

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