critical analysis paper of two reading sources from two different time periods 7 pages 1

The attached pdf has all the required details, as well as the two readings that must be analyzed and compared.


– 7 total pages of writing.

– Times New Roman.

– 12 point font.

– Double spaced.

Paper content:

– 1 page (~2 paragraphs) introduction and explanation of the readings

– 4-5 pages of analysis (Answer this for each reading: What does the readings tell you about the author’s beliefs? What does the readings tell you about the culture and society of the author? Religious beliefs of the author? and what parts of the readings give away that information?

– 1-2 pages of comparing and contrasting between the readings (what are some similarities between the authors? what about their society and cultures/religions/beliefs? What are some differences?).

– ~1 page (could be just a paragraph) conclusion (saying that the historical readings can show much more information about the historical period of it if looked at analytically and “reading between the lines” of them).

The first reading is fairly clear, but the second is not entirely clear. If you need explanation on any part of the second reading, let me know. I have already made an analytical analysis on the second reading.

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