criminal law questions 6

Please answer each question clear and concisely1. The central issue in Valid Justifications revolves around the justifications that can be used to prove that a defendant is not blameworthy and, therefore, is not criminally liable, even in cases where the defendant engaged in a criminal act. Explain your choices in this scenario by addressing the following questions.Why does the argument of self-defense absolve a defendant of criminal liability?

2. How has the defense of self, home, and property changed with the recent proliferation of “castle doctrine” statutes?

3. The focus in Protection for All is on defendants who plead an excuse defense. Explain your choices in this scenario by addressing the following questions.How has use of an insanity defense changed since the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr.? What tests for this insanity defense are most effective in your opinion?

4. How can a person’s age act as an excuse defense? Discuss the issues involved in the context of the scenario.

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