CR002 Impact of Bias and Discrimination on Children, Families, and Communities

Question 6. Thabisa is an early childhood professional at an early childhood care center. A new child named Dana, who has two gay fathers, recently joined her class. She is perfectly comfortable with this, but is a little worried that it may be a controversial issue for some of the parents of other children at the center. Therefore, Thabisa chooses not to discuss it with the rest of the class. Both the fathers have dropped Dana off in the mornings, but none of the children appear to have noticed anything unusual about the family.One day, the group discussion turns to a focus on the make-up of each child’s family. Many children are excited to discuss their large families, including grandparents, older and younger siblings, and even some step- and half-siblings as well. Dana does not join in the discussion.Later that afternoon, the children are tasked with drawing pictures of their families. Dana’s picture comprises her two fathers and the two family dogs. The other children see her picture and ask where her mom is, at which point Dana becomes very withdrawn. When her father comes to pick her up later, Thabisa hears her ask him, “Daddy, are we not normal?”Explain why it is important for the early childhood professional in this scenario to promote acceptance and diversity in early childhood settings.

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