CPMGT/300: Project Management

Assignment ContentResources: “Creating a Project from a Template” video and “Working with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Codes” video – All team – *Watch by Thursday 8/1/2019Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) and project schedule for the Learning Team project you selected in Week 2.All Team – *Due by EOD Saturday 8/3/2019o Create Excel template for teamo List support tasks w/ due datesUse Microsoft® Project to list the components and breakdown of the project’s WBS (i.e., project phases, grouping of tasks, resource assignments, etc.).· Chris Young – Input into MS Project *Due Sunday 8/4/2019 EODDevelop a Gantt chart with the following: *Due Sunday 8/4/2019 EODo Start and finish dateso* Due Sunday 8/4/2019 by EODCompile and post final draft for team review and approvalRefer to the Microsoft® Imagine: Microsoft® Project and Visio® Download Instructions in the Student Success Guide, which can be accessed via the Course Resources folder.

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