Contracts, Procurement, and Risk Management in Project management

Option #2

Research company Amazon (1 link provided and text book attached) it until you find and learn about an opportunity or problem related to it. Focusing on this specific opportunity ( would recommend topic as “Amazon – Penetrate developing markets”.) or problem, you will develop a proposed contract, procurement plan, and risk management plan.

  • Develop a problem statement and an RFP.
  • Write a proposal, including the bid/no bid analysis.
  • List the required resources in a resource matrix.
  • Also include a review of the identifiable risks.

Provide details of the specific problem or opportunity related to it upon which your portfolio project will be based.

Provide an outline of your proposal upon which your portfolio project will be based.

Expected length is 10-12 pages of content.Include at least 5 outside academic and professional references that provide information and guidance for your portfolio project.

As always, content must be formatted according to the APA Requirements. Include a title and reference pages. “Outside sources” refers to academic, research, and scholarly sources, other than the textbook, course materials, or other information provided as part of the course materials.

Format needs to be simple essay format, a proper introduction with Body addressing the questions above and appropriate conclusion is expected.

Link : Inc. SWOT Analysis & Recommendations Pasted from <>

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