content of prejudice

Write each responce 120 words.

1.Some people say that, because it is natural to feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation (such as when a White person interacts with a member of a minority group) that discomfort does not really indicate prejudice.

Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with this point? What is your reasoning for agreeing/disagreeing?

2.What are the characteristics of unprejudiced people? Why do you think so little research has been conducted on non-prejudice compared to the vast amount of research on prejudice? Similarly, why do you think so little research has been conducted on prejudice among members of minority groups?

3.Describe five (5) themes that characterize modern-symbolic prejudice.

4.What is “Implicit Prejudice”? How does it differ from “Explicit Prejudice”? How do implicit prejudices develop?

5.The section on contemporary forms of prejudice provided a number of examples of these prejudices.

6.What other examples can you think of? Which forms of prejudice fo your examples represent? Explain how they fit the definition of those forms of prejudice.

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