Content Area Standards

As  the authors of your textbook have pointed out, assessment methods for  student progress in reading or writing are based on standards adopted by  your content area.  Find your content area standards and find the  standard that relates to reading/writing. Your content area  organizations are a good place to look for your standards. Do NOT use  the Mississippi Benchmarks as they are based on your national standards,  and you will not receive credit for the assignment. The Common Core  State Standards (CCSS) were also designed using your national standards  as the umbrella, so do NOT use these standards in place of your national  program standards.  In a one page written document, outline where your  content standards originated, which standard deals specifically with  reading/writing (there will be more than one, so pick the more inclusive  standard), and how you plan to address this standard in your classroom  to fully meet the standard.  Be thorough, and be aware that EVERY  content area has standards!  Here are some of the main ones by content  area

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