Construct a Personal Ethical Framework

For this assignment, write a paper in which you identify core ethical frameworks and code of ethics in terms of those values/beliefs that are patently self-evident and will not change with time, context, circumstance, or external/internal demands. Include the following in your paper:From a leader’s viewpoint, explain why violating any of these ideals would be unethical.Psychologist Gordon Allport identified six major value types as outlined in chapter 3 of the Johnson (2013) text. Name and describe Allport’s six major value types, and identify into what value orientation a leader’s core ethical framework values/beliefs is based.Given a leader’s core ethical framework, explain how he/she can expand adaptive capacity.Identify an organization and describe the standards of ethics and integrity within it. Explain how you arrived at these conclusions and determined the organization’s standards of ethics.Explain why shaping ethical climate is one of an organizational leader’s most important tasks.Name five steps leaders can take to prevent and control destructive behaviors.Explain the difference between organizational compliance and organizational integrity. And, what elements must be part of any effort to improve organizational integrity?Should a leader be a cultural relativist or should a leader hold to universal ethical standards? Defend your position.Length: 6-7 pages not including the title and reference pages.References: Minimum of four scholarly resources.

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