confidence interval project

Hello. This project is due on Monday 10/22 at 5 pm Central Daylight Time but I meet with my Professor at 1 pm to go over project and ensure all is correct. I need this done by Sunday night so I can review and make my adjustments before I go to office hours.

I have attached the Project Overview in files (Ill write a quick description below). Thank you!

Pick a population and a population proportion parameter that is of interest to you. Choose a population and a parameter that is accessible for data collection and clearly define both. Remember, you need to compute a one proportion z-interval. Hint: pick something FUN.

You will be collecting and analyzing data using a confidence interval. The goal of the project is for you to experience the entire statistical experience from designing a study, collecting data, analyzing the data, and presenting your results. It is important that you demonstrate and understanding of each of these steps.

– Submit a typed report of your project (hard copy only; maximum of two pages!) and a single PowerPoint slide (electronically through ICON dropbox) stating your resulting confidence interval.

Collect at least 40 observations of your data (more is better!)

Please make sure to keep in contact with me so I can get emailed the powerpoint slide.

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