complete history assignment asu


These questions are designed to prepare you for Exam #1, which will be based on the short answers and essays you submit for homework.You should submit complete, detailed answers so you can use the homework assignment to help you prepare for the exam.

I will correct and grade your homework and return it to you so you will know if you missed something before you take the exam.You will lose points for submitting incomplete homework.

Short Answers:Write a brief paragraph for each term that explains who, what, when, where, how, why, and the significance of each of the following terms.

Proclamation Act of 1763 Revenue Act of 1767

Dickinson’s Letters Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party Coercive (Intolerable) Acts

Quebec Act Suffolk Resolves

Declaration of American Rights and Grievances

Conciliatory Resolution Lexington


Essays:Write an essay that answers each of the following questions.Write a separate essay for each topic.

1.Discuss the British efforts to raise revenue in the American colonies after 1763.Why did the British believe they had to raise revenue after the French and Indian war?What was the Sugar Act?What was the Currency Act? What was the Quartering Act?What was the Stamp Act and why was it particularly threatening? What were the Virginia Resolves? Who were the Sons of Liberty? What was the Stamp Act Congress and what did it do?What was the British reaction to it?

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