Communication and Group Dynamics Case study

Case Study – The Angry Team Member

You have been asked by the corporate office to head the new construction of a new medical office building. After the call, you are concerned about the expected completion date of the project and realize that there will be little time to spare. Having some experience with this in the past, you understand that you must put together a team and begin work immediately. You know that you will need the following individuals to complete this project; a mechanical engineer, a civil engineer, a foreman, a zoning expert, a project manager, and an administrative assistant to help document the team’s progress and assist in the coordination of operations. You know that you have two very strong engineers and you have worked well with them in the past. As far as a foreman goes, that will simply depend on the construction company wins the bid for the project. You know that you can serve as project manager and when your thoughts turn to the zoning expert, you can feel yourself cringe in worry. Until very recently, there were two zoning professionals on staff, Charles and Tim. Charles had been with the company a very short time; however, he had quickly turned into a respected employee. Tim, on the other hand, had been with the company for 15 years and had been involved with the company from the ground level up. Many people were surprised when Charles was selected as zoning expert over Tim. Although Tim remained in his position as zoning manager, he did not accept the news well.

As the team began working together, it was apparent that Tim was going to be a problem. Tim disagreed with most issues and became increasingly difficult to work with. However, time was running out and there was not enough time to recruit a new zoning manager.

Explain what you would do at this point to resolve the apparent conflict and help Tim and the teamwork cohesively to meet its goals. You must support your recommendations with appropriate documentation.

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