combined theory paper

Class – here are the instructions for the combined paper on the Philosophy of Humor (the Ethics part of the course) and the Psychology of Humor.

Because this assignment combined two papers formerly worth 95 points each, the point value is now 150 for the combined paper. The remaining 40 points will be added to the final Core Assessment Paper.


Using the readings, lectures, classroom discussions and video presentations, create a short (minimum of four pages) paper in your own words and discuss the following:

Your understanding of the theories in Morreall’s Comic Relief book and your understanding of the theories and issues related to humor in the readings we have covered thus far in Martin’s Psychology of Humor book.

Discuss how the theories and readings compare with each other (how they are similar) and how they contrast with each other.

This paper should NOT be a movie review or a review of another commercial comedy product. You may use short (very short) references to movies or real life examples to illustrate a point, but devote the majority of your writing to the concepts of the theories. Do not use phrases like “box-office hit,” or “blockbuster movie,” or other phrases resembling movie reviews.

The paper must have at least four full pages of essay.

Criteria for Grading


Paper is at least 4 or more pages long, not counting a cover sheet, abstract, or reference pages, and addresses all elements of the assignment.


Clearly describes theories and issues of humor in own words (not copied from lecture, books or other sources).


Compares and contrasts philosophy (ethics) and psychology theories with each other and demonstrates familiarity with course reading assignments.


Paper demonstrates critical thinking and the writing is interdisciplinary, integrated, and cohesive.


The writing is original, grammatically correct, and follows standard language usages and conventions.


Total Possible Points


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