close reading to chap 5 in second section of manhattan transfer

Please closely analyze this chapter.

The passage you pick will relate to a theme or topic that interests you, and in your analysis, you will explore how the language used contributes to this overarching theme, has a certain effect on the reader, or adds depth to the meaning of the text, etc

You may also use your analysis to offer an alternate interpretation of the text at hand. You can also discuss a passage from a text in relation to an earlier text we’ve read (or even a text from another class).

You don’t need to include an introduction. Be as specific and detailed as you can. Avoid repeating readings of the text discussed in class. Bring in hard copies.

The passage(s) you closely analyze are to be selected by you. Please refrain from searching “important quotes” as the analysis needs to be your own. (Please keep in mind that copying and/or paraphrasing an analysis from an online source is considered plagiarism and will lead to failure in the course.)

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