Clinical Field Experience C: Comprehensive Discipline Management Plan Investigation

Setting clear behavioral expectations and having a plan to respond should those expectations not be met are both essential to establishing a positive school culture. Articulating those carefully crafted behavioral expectations to members of the school community is integral to students’ success in meeting them. Equally important is having a plan to support students who have challenges demonstrating the expected behaviors.Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to support this field experience.Comprehensively review and evaluate your school’s student code of conduct and discipline management plan in terms of how they both promote student success and ensure social justice, equity, confidentiality, cultural diversity, acceptance, and respect between and among students, faculty, and staff within the school.Determine how the student code of conduct and discipline management plan are communicated and administered by interviewing 2-3 staff members and reviewing any additional documents and artifacts.Use any remaining field experience hours to observe or assist the principal mentor.In 500-750 words, briefly summarize your evaluation of the school’s student code of conduct and discipline management plan, as well as the interview sessions and the additional artifacts you reviewed. Evaluate the policies and their implementation to determine if they are positive, fair, and unbiased. Reflect on the congruence between what is stated and what actually takes place, as well as how these practices align with the school mission and vision statements.Incorporate PSEL Standard 3 into your summary and the implications this has on your future practice.

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