Class work

Part 1Why and how it is important to move from theory to practice of Human Performance Technology? Give examples of real time work situation where it can be important. Give specific examples? Write a minimum 250 words. Use at least two reference sources.Summarychoose 3 subjects of your own interest from the chapter readings. write an APA style 3 paragraph minimum synthesizing those subjects. The paper should have a cover page and references page, too. Summaries should also include an applied reaction concept. As an example: How would you apply this information to the work place? Review the chapters to help focus areas of summary. Use this assignment to demonstrate your level of comprehension.Rothwell, W. J. (2007). Human Performance Improvement, 2nd Edition. [Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from Attached text to complete discussion question and the summary.Part Two Second assignmentThree page MinPART I of this paper should include your understanding of Organizational Development Interventions. This section should begin with you defining organizational development interventions and its importance in organizational management.PART II of this paper should include Personal Application regarding the utility of the ideas and knowledge that have been gained about Organizational Development Interventions. In particular, set forth what you have learned about organizational development interventions and discuss how you might apply what you have learned if you were in the position to do so in your organization or personal situation.Part 3 Third assignmentYou may use one of the case studies from your Strategic Management textbook as a basis for completing this assignment. (See TOM’s Case Study attached)This paper will include the following sections:Part I(3-4 Pages)· Executive Summary· Background of the business or organization. What industry is this?· Statement of problem(s) or challenge(s) facing the firm. Explain why you believe these factors are significant. Include information on concepts from class as needed. For example, you might examine Porter’s 5 Forces and/or various competitive strategies within an industry or market sector.· Summary of the situation analysis. This is the section in which a SWOT analysis should appear. Keep in mind that Strengths and Weaknesses are internal to the company, and Opportunities and Threats are external to the company.· Strategic Alternatives and Recommendations for strategy. Your recommendations and suggested courses of action should follow logically from the statement of the problem and the situation analysis. Defend your recommendations using concepts from class and data from the case. Make suggestions for specific programs to implement your recommendations. Again, use relevant information from class.Part II(3-4 pages)Conduct a short review of themes from the textbook, Essentials of Strategic Management. In order to complete this part of the final paper requirement address each of the following questions.a. Which 3 concepts from the textbook did you find most interesting? Explain. (See the attached document labeled core concepts)b. If you were starting a business or a non-profit organization, what would be the chosen mission of that organization? Who would you anticipate as potential rivals? Which of the five generic competitive strategies would you employ to gain advantage over the competition?c. Describe one company that you’ve read about in this course or elsewhere that practices corporate social responsibility (CSR). Describe their programs and what elements you find most impressive.d. Describe the differences between high-performing cultures, adaptive cultures, and unhealthy corporate cultures. How would you characterize your current organization where you work? What are your recommendations for change?

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