Class Discussion

This is a class question that needs to be answer with at least 150 words. I would like it explain in your own words, but if not please cite-in-text with reference. No Plagiarism

Early in my career I worked for an innovation company. Truly, we invented technologies so early on that we had to search for applications for their use. There were 3 guys in a garage with an idea that had hired a handful of people to see what might happen. For example, the company founders thought it would be “cool” to plug their phone (only had landline back then) into their PC (desktops). They designed some circuits on a board and included the phone jack, plugged in the phone to the PC instead of the actual phone, and called the number. It worked! The computer detected the ring signal from the central office. Now what? They had no idea this invention would lead to our 24x7x365 workforce we have today. This technology is the basis for voicemail, banking by phone, call centers, psychic hotlines, and even voting for your American Idol. WOW! The company was fun, exciting, and creative in culture due to the leadership. I’ve never worked harder or longer hours at any job but at the time, it was simply fun and fulfilling.

How do you think you can bring this type of thinking into an organization that is already established and set in their ways? We were constantly looking for change, not resisting it?

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