cj 302 discussion

300 words min. Make sure to answer all questions. Cite all sources

In Alice Goffman’s TED Talk, ‘How we’re priming some kids for college- and others for prison,’ (found at https://www.ted.com/talks/alice_goffman_college_or_prison_two_destinies_one_blatant_injustice or in your Module Six folder) she states that we are asking kids who live in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, with the least amount of family resources, in the country’s worst schools, facing the toughest time in the labor market, and who experience violence in their neighborhoods every day, “to walk the thinnest possible line.” With regard to these issues, Goffman wonders if we can envision a criminal justice system that prioritizes recovery, prevention, and civic inclusion over punishment.

Please tell me and your colleagues: What does it mean to live in a ‘disadvantaged neighborhood?’ What are some examples of lacking ‘family resources?’ What makes schools the ‘worst?’ What makes the labor market ‘tough’? As a society, what do you think we can do about these shortcomings? What do you think the criminal justice system can do to be just (fair) to those experiencing these forms of social disorganization?

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