Cirque du Soleil

International Headquarters Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters, located in Montreal, is a laboratory of creativity, where the world’s best creative minds, craftspeople, experts in various domains, and artists can collaborate on creative projects. By assuming the roles of catalyst and unifier, Cirque du Soleil is able to reinvent itself with each new chapter of its history. Several local offices worldwide also provide direct support to our employees on-site.

In Teams, or individually review the Cirque du Soleil Website.

Next – Individually, create a short MD Word document with APA source citation and address the following questions (2 paper submitted by each team member):

How would you evaluate its strength? What is their mission, goal, and values? (Click the Citizenship link on the bottom of their webpage.) What is their approach to sustainability development? What is “Social Circus?” What type of IT jobs are available? Do you think Cirque du Soleil is a global leader in their field? Why or why not? Include examples for each question.

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