choose one of finance article related class concept summary paper 1

😀 asks you to obtain a story from the media (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, Yahoo Finance) related to some of the concepts discussed in this course. You need to combine the article with a brief write-up 1 pages(single spaced) summarizing the article and then showing how relevant concepts in the course help us understand this particular news story. Examples will be provided during the course and can be found on Blackboard.

1. Your submission must differ substantially from the articles contained on Blackboard and discussed in class.

2. Importantly, any and all material covered in class can be the basis of your project EXCEPT the stock market (Chapter 7).

3. The news article must have been written on or after the first day of this class(after 8/26/2019)

I attached with ppt chapter 3-9 you can pick a topic

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