chapter four primary source assignment

For this week’s Primary Source essay read “4.4. Excerpts from Saukamappee’s Account of the Advent of Horses and Guns to the Blackfeet, as Told to David Thompson (1787—1788)”(Pages 29-31) in Reading American Horizons. Do not focus on Thompson. He was only the transmitter of Saukamappee’s memoir decades after the events described. Look back in chapter four and find the sections that deal with Indian acquisition of guns and horses in order to place the source in its historical context. The essay should be 250-350 words long, have an introduction and conclusion, thesis statement, and demonstrate to me that you have read and understand the texts.

One note on firearms sold to Native peoples by the French and other European powers during the eighteenth century. They were considerably lighter and cheaper than those used by European armies and colonial militias. These trade firearms usually could only be fired a few times over the course of a half hour as they would overheat quickly. My point with this is don’t focus on the technology itself, but how the Blackfeet use of them gave them an advantage. Also, just because I made a note on the guns do not spend the whole essay on the guns.

MLA format

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