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‘Why is water Importance in our bodies” 


“Water is life”

Every living creature requires water for survival. It is important to ensure that water is a priority in our daily life. Water has a major responsibility in the human body, which it has to play for an individual to survive. It supports life as an individual cannot do without it. 

Relevance of the topic 


Water is beneficial in our health and it has to be administered on a daily basis in order to play 

Impacts of lack of water


Consequent loss of water without replacement leads to dehydration which may result to critical conditions of an individual. Such include diseases

Loss of weight

The human deteriorates due to the lack of enough water leading to weight loss. 

Heat exhaustion

Lack of water causes excessive sweating of an individual leading to the loss of heat from the body. 

Importance of water 

Temperature regulation

The chemical substance contained in water absorbs and releases heat in order to regulates and maintain the body temperatures according to the environment surrounding an individual. 


Water serves as a lubricant and therefore hydrates the body, and moistens the joints.  It also protects the human eye, the brain, and the spinal cord. 


It is essential to note that water provides a medium for electrolytes to flow through the human body. The electrolytes provides a medium for exporting glucose which is required for energy production for the proper functioning of the human body. 

Acid-Base Balance

Water controls the amount of acids and bases in the body of a human being to enable the proper functioning of the hormones and the enzymes. 

Digestion system

The digestion system requires water for the food to be broken down to produce energy. 

Strategy Implementation


An individual ought to motivate themselves through indulging in water drinking games.

Convenience of drinking water

One should make drinking water more available for easy access. It motivates an individual to consume the water if it is readily available. it is necessary to develop reminders which remind an individual when they have to take water during the day. 

Take unsweetened water-based drinks

It is not advisable to take sweetened beverages as a substitute for water. If one has to take sweetened beverages, it is essential to substitute one with at least one glass or several glasses of water. 

Administering water before meals, during meal, and after meals

Research shows that it is healthier to take some glass of water before a meal, in between a meal, and after a meal. 


Since water supports life, it is important to administer several glasses of water as it is recommended by the doctors. The latter helps to avoid conditions such as dehydration among individuals as it may result to critical conditions in the long-run. 

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