case study report 3 4 pages 1

I need help writing a report on case study. The following questions should be answered. The report has to have a brief description of the case, an explanation of the problem, alternative solutions, your recommendations, including materials, such as spreadsheets, needed to justify your recommendation.

Title of the case, East Cameron Partners

  1.  What is the nature of the relationship between Est Cameron and Macquarie?  Why is Evans so interested in changing the relationship?
  2.   List the financing alternatives available to East Cameron.  Explain the pros and cons of each one.
  3. How does the structure of the Sukok bond differ from the other alternatives being proposed by hedge funds and private equity?
    1. Why would this structure be of interests to investors?
    2. Why would the structure be of interest to East Cameron?
  4. Would you classify the sukok as debt or equity?  Would it matter?

East Cameron Partners.pdf

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