Case Study 2 page double spaced

ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM!!!! Maximum of 2 pages long with 1.5 or double line spacing and 12-point font. IMPORTANT: 1) Please do not restate the narrative of the case as your answer. That is to say that I want to understand the “why” behind the facts versus getting a retelling of the facts … so give me analysis. 2) Instead of making generic comments (such as “Apple grew a lot since Steve Jobs came back,”) use the case facts – particularly from the appendix – and say “Apple grew by X% since the return of Steve Jobs and the iPod business unit was responsible for Y% of that growth adding Z dollars to Apple’s revenues between 19XX and 19YY. That is to say – use numbers from the case to bolster your analysis. 3) At every step, think about the assumptions you make in your statements. 4) Use citations and bring in the numbers from the case… sales, market size, budget, the “war chest” of the companies doing battle all matter greatly… tell me why. 5) This may seem obvious, but write the question at the top of your essay and then read your essay over to make sure that it addresses all parts of the question. QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED: Did Hastings’s first business plan work out? How about the second? How many strategy revisions did the company have to make? How did they decide what to do next? Were the shifts well planned, or did they just “throw things against the wall” to see what would stick?

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