Case Study

Paper #3: Performance Management and Wal-MartCase Studies –– (minimum 3 pages – not including cover page) – DUE AT THE END OF WEEKS 3-6Students will begin by researching Wal-Mart, using web searches. Each week, students will examine a specific HR issue regarding Wal-Mart and provide an analysis and recommendations within each of these weekly papers. The areas of concentration for each weekly paper are as follows:Due end of Week 5: Performance Management and Wal-MartPlease note that Employment Law should be addressed throughout all these papers as it applies to all HR topics/issues.Papers must follow this FORMAT, and contain responses to all the following questions.Papers MUST include ALL of the BOLD WORDS (they must be in bold font text in the paper) as SUBHEADINGS in each paper.(a.) Cover Page: Title (with running and short heads)(b.) Topic / Issue Identification: What are the central facts in regards to the weekly topic/issue (i.e. Staffing, Training, Performance Management, or Compensation) and assumptions you are making about these facts or missing facts regarding Wal-Mart? What are the major, overriding ethical issues regarding Wal-Mart? What major ethical issues/questions does this case regarding Wal-Mart address that merits its study in this course and in connection with assigned reading materials?(c.) Analysis / Evaluation: Analyze Wal-Mart in regards to the weekly topic/issue (i.e. Staffing, Training, Performance Management, or Compensation). Who are the stakeholders and what are their stakes? What threats, opportunities, or challenges are posed by these stakeholders? What economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities does Wal-Mart (or the managers) have and what exactly is the nature and extent of these responsibilities? Describe the major tensions that exist among these responsibilities. If the Wal-Mart case study involves a company’s or manager’s past actions/decisions/practices, evaluate what they did or did not do well/right/ethically. What ethical principles, concepts, ideas, or models we have covered in class or assigned readings relate to the decisions or actions that have been taken or should be taken in the case?**Be sure to support all statements/recommendations with in-text citations and references to concepts/theories you have learned in your prior HR courses. You are required in each weekly paper to have a minimum of one reference (in-text citation) per page to a scholarly journal, or material from a prior HR course.(d.) Recommendations: Identify the alternatives you recommend to be considered for dealing with this specific issue/topic in regards to Wal-Mart. What are their advantages and disadvantages? What ethical principles, concepts, or ideas covered in this course above support your recommendations? Be sure to support all statements/recommendations with references (citations) to concepts/theory in the text.(e.) Learning Outcomes: Identify and summarize the key learning outcomes or conclusions you reached as a result of studying and analyzing this specific issue/topic in regards to Wal-Mart. Focus on what you learned and how this information could be applied in your current organization or situation if you were in an authority/decision-making position.PAPERS MUST BE IN APA FORMAT AND INCLUDE ALL THE SUBHEADINGS ABOVE AND RESPOND TO ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THE SUBHEADINGS FOR EACH SECTION. PAPERS MUST INCLUDE CITATIONS TO THEORY (TEXTBOOK or OTHER REFERENCE) TO SUPPORT YOUR OPINIONS AND STATEMENTS.

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