case study

EDU 5310 Week One Case Study AssignmentChoose one of the case studies below to complete.  Please use APA formatting.  You should have at least 5 typed pages.  Your case study should include a title page and a reference page with at least 3 references listed.  Your current text can be one of those references, but you must research two more sources to complete this assignment.  Your assignment will be at least 7 pages in length (cover page, 5 typed pages, and reference page)Case Study One:You have been selected and hired as a teacher leader.  The first assignment given to you by your principal is to conduct a needs assessment of the either the reading or math program.  Standardized test scores in reading and math indicated a drop in student performance.  A needs assessment is the process for determining an organization’s needs and gaps in relation to a desired outcome or list of wants/goals.  The purpose of this particular assessment is to summarize the needs of your school and recommend effective classroom strategies to improve reading instruction.  The format of the needs assessment report is as follows:IntroductionWhat are characteristics of the school?Problem StatementWhat are the central issues in your schools concerning reading or math?Current state of instructional practicesInclude relevant information from interview and teachers.Observed classroom strategiesWhat are the strengths and weaknesses of the reading instruction observed?Gaps and NeedsDefine the major gaps and needs of the instructional strategies and materialsConclusionInclude a brief summary conclusion and recommendationsCase Study Two:Literacy Coach Entry PlanYou have been assigned as a new grade level teacher leaders literacy coach for the intermediate (3-5) grades.  The principal has asked you to write an entry plan for your new role.  Consider the roles and responsibilities described in the literature.Include the following in your description:  Your specific role, the context for your coaching responsibilities, your coaching qualities, content area or grade level, and anything else to better understand what you do or plan to do as a coach in your school.  Consider this document as a way of justifying your position as a coach.

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