career report



The career research report is designed to help you find your career path. Below is a list of questions to answer for this assignment. Use the Personality Assessment (Links to an external site.) and the career resource website, Eureka at (Links to an external site.) Site code: OJL3DHQ to complete the assignment. Please provide short answers for each section. You may use a separate sheet of paper if you run out of space for your answers.

  1. The career
    1. Name of career.
    2. Job duties
    3. Employment outlook?
    4. Disadvantages
    5. Will you be able to overcome these disadvantages if how?
    6. Salary range
    7. Report your 4 letter personality code.
    8. Do your personality align with this career? Please elaborate.
  2. The Education
    1. What is the minimum education required for this career require (on- the-job-training, AA, BS, Masters, PhD)
    2. What major is the best field of study for this career?
    3. What universities offer this degree? List more than one.
    4. Which school would you like to attend?
    5. Why did you select this school?
    6. How much will your degree cost: per semester and in total for the entire time in school include housing if moving out of the area?
  3. Life Plan

Note: Answers will come from your “Get a Reality Check” printouts, include a description and cost. Life Assessment: Get a Reality Check (Links to an external site.)

After you click on the link, you will need to click on the “Budget How Much Money You’ll Need” tab and complete this portion of the assignment.

    1. Where would you like to live: in a house, condo or apartment?
    2. What would you like to drive?
    3. What will you do for entertainment, travel, camp, entertain in your home. Explain.
    4. How much will you spend on food?
    5. How much will you spend on clothing?
    6. How much will you spend on miscellaneous?
    7. What is your total monthly and yearly expenses?
    8. Will your career support your life style?
  1. Based on your finding is this a realistic career for you? Provide details.
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