can you write the method and result for this lab

Attached is the method and result for each exp, I have three eperiment I need toget a summary of the methods and result you don’t have o inclue numbers or anythign

This is Example of the methods ad results I want

We followed the procedure laid out in our Bio 366L fall 2018 lab manual to conduct basic cloning procedures. We cloned in the gentamicin resistance gene into a pUC19 plasmid by amplifying the gentamicin resistance insert through the polymerase chain reaction. Transfection by electroporation was used in order to insert the Restriction enzyme digests were performed after PCR on pUC19 plasmid using HindIII restriction enzymes. Gel electrophoresis was ran after the restriction enzyme digest in order to confirm the presence of the gentamicin resistance gene (insert).

However, there were mistakes in the polymerase chain reaction due to null PCR components. Therefore, isolation and ligation of the vector and insert was not performed. The experiment was continued at the electroporation step with new PCR products made by the lab coordinator. Transformant plasmids from electroporation were tested for DNA insertion of antibiotic resistance for gentamicin to confirm the presence of the gentamicin resistance gene (insert) by selection plating on LB agar plates with gentamicin antibiotics. There was no growth on the LB gentamicin plates. Therefore, new plates with isolated colonies made by the lab coordinator were used for restriction enzyme digest and then subsequently analyzed on a gel. From the gel electrophoresis, the plasmid DNA inserts could be identified and verified based on length in kilobases and then analyzed with bioinformatics. To analyze our constructed plasmid, we sequenced our final construct, cleaned it using 4Peaks and visualized the resultant plasmid with serial cloner. Serial cloner allowed for a visual representation of the origin of replication, plasmid insertions, restriction sites, and other genes present in the plasmid based on their amino acid sequences.

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