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First, write three universal generalizations of pop culture that you consider false. Then offer at least one reason against each of these generalizations, and argue that the generalization should be rejected. Explain your reason and reconstruct the arguments.

Here is a brief example:

P1. All famous singers have happy marriages

P2. Tina Turner is a famous singer but had a very unhappy marriage

C1. Therefore, P1 should be rejected

Support from P2 comes from Tina Turner’s autobiography and the movie inspired by it, which provide great details of her unhappy relationship with her husband. (For an explanation of universal generalizations, see How to Think Logically, chapter 6 and Glossary).

Other conditions for obtaining up to 25 bonus points with work are the following:

  1. Reconstruct your three arguments.
  2. Mark the reconstructed arguments’ premises and conclusion with ‘P1,’ ‘P2,’ …’C1,’ C2,’ etc.
  3. The total length of your work should be between 300 and 600 words.
  4. The acceptable files are Microsoft Word Documents, Rich Text Format files, and PDF files.
  5. Do your own writing. Plagiarism is a very serious offense. Assignments that do not meet this condition will earn 0 point with no possibility of re-submission.
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