can you complete my quiz

1)  At which level is OB typically not observed?

a.  Individual

b.  Community

c.  The group

d.  The organization as a whole

2)  Which one of the following is not one of the four functions lf management?

a.  Planning

b.  Motivating

c.  Organizing

d.  Leading

e.  Controlling

3)  Which of the following tends to play on someone’s negative strengths?

a.  Extroversion

b.  Introversion

c.  Conscientiousness

d.  Neuroticism

4)  True or false.  Type A personalities are prone to find good balance and create calm around them.

5)  True or false.  Intrinsic work is focused on the big picture and finding balance.

6)  True or false. Employees with a high personality trait of positive affectivity are more likely to close down at work if they are questioned.

7)  Emotional dissonance is

a.  Planning for emotions

b.  Looking for a way out of a situation

c.  A way to say whatever you want

d.  Expressing feelings that an employee does not feel.

8)  Choose one of the motivational theories and explain it.

9)  How can you be a better planner and communicator, and therefore be more relaxed and present at a picnic? (200 words.)

Here is the eBook that you can use for the quiz: Organizational Behavior eBook 1st Half.docx 

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