can it be revised and completed by august 18 2015

Part 1: RAFT

Choose an academic content standard for your target grade level and aligned with an ISTE standard and do the following:

Create a RAFT card with three rows as seen in the “Example RAFT” document.

Create a task card for each row of the RAFT card. For an example of row one, review the “Example RAFT Task Card” document. Each task card should include:

An objective or learning target

A description of:
1.The Role
2.The Audience
3.The Format
4.The Topic

Directions that incorporate an innovative process that includes technology links or tools. Include specific step-by-step directions to complete the task.

Resources (links to websites, videos, readings) for students to learn about the topic)

Assessment criteria

Post your RAFT Task Card and task cards to your website..

Part 2: Blog Post

Research the importance of student-centered technology in the classroom.

In a word document, prepare a 500-750-word draft version of Section 4: Differentiating Instruction through Technology of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan. Support your explanation with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Copy the draft of Section 4: Differentiating Instruction through Technology into a blog post titled Student Centered Technology. Include the reference page.

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