c debugging and fixing the progarm

** There are logical and run time errors in the code, as well as compilation errors.

** Your objective is get the code to run, fix any bugs in the code and
** place validation needed to prevent any memory issues. Each function has a
** description of what it does next to its prototype.
** If you can recognize the code issue but do not know how to fix add a comment for partial credit

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

void addToList(int *); // adds integer to integer array
void displayList(int *); //displays all items in array
void dispSum(); //gives sum of all elements in array
void dispAverage(); //gives average of elements in array.

unsigned short SIZE = 0;

int main()
unsigned int input;
int arrayList[10];

cout << “***Main Menu***” << endl
<< “1. add number to list” << endl
<< “2. display list.” << endl
<< “3. display sum.” << endl
<< “4. display average.” << endl
<< “0. Quit” << endl;
//clears iostream buffer
cin.ignore(10, ‘n’);
cout << “enter a menu choice: “;
cin >> input;

switch (input)
case 1: addToList(arrayList);
case 2: displayList(arrayList);
case 3: dispSum();
case 4: dispAverage();
case 0:break;
default:cout << “enter a valid choice from menu:”;

} while (input !=0);
return 0;

void addToList(int *arrayList)
int input;
cout << “enter a number int the array: “;
cin >> input;
arrayList[SIZE++] = input;

void displayList(int *arrayList)
for (int i = 0; i <= SIZE; ++i)
cout << arrayList[SIZE];
cout << endl;

void dispSum(int *arrayList)
int sum = 0;
for (int i = 0;i <= SIZE; ++i)
sum += arrayList[i];
cout << “The Sum is ” << sum << “!” << endl;

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