Business seminar

Choose two of the following topics to discuss.( it has to be 1 page for each topic).

  1. Imagine that you are about to hire an individual from a foreign country for a position in the United States. How would you explain the culture of the society in which you live to the potential new hire. Note: In your discussion, you may select the country for which you are hiring the individual.
  1. How do differences in social culture influence values in the workplace. Be sure to cite specific examples to make your discussion interesting.
  1. Choose two countries that appear to be culturally diverse. Compare the cultures of those countries and then indicate how cultural differences influence (a) the cost of doing business in each country, (b) the likely future economic development of the country, and (c) business practices.
  1. Discuss how unrealistic performance expectations influence ethical behavior. Include at least one example in your discussion that will make the deliverable interesting.
  1. Freestyle–Choose any hot topic in the news (current events) and relate it to concepts and principles studied in this week’s chapter reading assignment.
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