Business Communication

1. This response should be addressed to Yvonne Huddleston

How being scream free can affect your communication in the workplace. Being in a scream free workplace you may have to think results as you need to send a message and how communication could potentially drive overall company goals(, 2013). Instead of focusing on your communication on their failures, effective front- line leaders focus the conversation on results and remind employees how their actions drive company goals,and how their actions impact overall results(,2013).

Mr. Patrick B. Ropella talks about how having clear purpose in every message that you send and always think before you speak as that speaks volumes(, 2013). Mr. Ropella goes on to say that structuring the message for the receiver as the front- line leaders that create messages that come with their receivers as they can not create messages that sound good to themselves(, 2013).

We should spend more time thinking about what we want to say rather than thinking about what others need to hear. Avoid Irrelevant details and focus on the important information, data or contexts(, 2013). Read reactions and adjust as you are creating and sending communication. watch for the employees reactions and be prepared to read the reactions of your employees and make communication travel to reach intended results(, 2013).

When communicating, focus on the results as this is the most important component in sending messages. This is the greatest outcome of communication with your employees, colleagues and senior managers(, 2013). When receiving messages, you must be a good listener and if you lack listening skills, you are at a great risk to become a not so good leader of a team(,2013).

While reading another article that was titled, 10 tips for dealing with change by Mr. Calvin Sun, he states that to communicate with others, it is always important when you face change(,n.d.). By having a lack of communication skills, it can have a negative impact and effective communication can have a positive one. Communication should involve more people because they can give great advice and become contacts when deciding in a job change(,n.d.).

How does it relate to the topics from this week’s reading assignment? In my opinion, in order to create a scream free workplace, if you are lacking communication skills that means you do not have listening skills and the employees are missing information that the job entails(,2013). Employees are missing information that they need to fulfill for their job assignments.

References; 10 tips dealing with change in the workplace|

These Key Components Lead To Effective Communication|

2. This should be addressed to Lois Finch

Scream-free communication to me is when a person shows anger through their action by raising they voice, or shouting. The communicating parties not only resolve their conflicts but also transform their relationship into process. Scream-free communication will require the involved parties to keep their cool, and communication using appropriate language and tone with each other on conflicting matters. To ensure that the communication is scream-free, the parties should take a pause when they are about to lose their cool in the communication, re-gathering their thoughts, and re-build their communication based.

Scream free facilitates a person whatever is required by him to have a conflict- free life and have the peace of mind which is desired by each of us. With the help of scream free, the individual can get a mission of practical peace with the help of various resources services and outreach. This will help the individual to have a relational functioning to have greater exposure to calm, capable and connected mode. Anger can cause problems, and anger can be a self-protective mechanism, anger doesn’t just happen, we make it happen by the things we do; DeVito, J. A. (2003). People can contribute to your anger. We should want to cool off when we are angry, and sometimes it helps to count before dealing with anger. An also verbally aggressive person affects motivation and self-reports of your own cognitive learning (Myers, 2002). Yet anger, and emotion perceived as negative (Anderson & Guerrero, 1998; Guerrero, 1994). It also can be communicated in constructive as well as destructive (Holt, 1970). Anger shows little respect and it can include criticizing, threatening and abusive language.


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